9 Tips to Reduce MPN Fatigue

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9 Tips to Reduce MPN Fatigue

managing MPN fatigue

by Lou Ann Donovan

When you are living with a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN), fatigue is the most frequent symptom discussed among fellow patients.  One minute you are feeling great then suddenly you feel so tired that you need to take a nap.  Dealing with constant fatigue can affect your ability to complete daily tasks such as; focusing on your work, running errands, maintaining personal relationships and lacking enough energy for physical activities.

Tips to Help You Cope with MPN Fatigue

The good news is there are ways you can minimize the effects of fatigue.  Check out our creative list of simple ways to give yourself a boost of energy, all within the comfort of your home!

Get some fresh air.  Go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air.  Just being outside for 15 minutes a day can wake you up and bring calmness to your whole being.

Try a new recipe.  Check out YouTube videos from Natasha’s Kitchen Cooking Channel.  She has many easy recipes you can try and new videos added weekly.  Here is a video for easy pan seared salmon recipe with lemon butter.

Balance your life.  Take time to pace yourself throughout the day.  Play to your energy level and plan activities when you are feeling your best.  Then allow yourself time to relax and unwind as you may tire later in the day.

Try Yoga for beginners.  Check out YouTube videos for Yoga with Kassandra.  Many of her videos are short 10 minute yoga poses using no props.  Try the morning stretch poses to boost your energy and the evening stretch to relax before bedtime.

Listen to your body.  On days when you are feeling tired, it is important to take time to recharge your body.  Sit back in a comfy place, relax and rest for 15 minutes.  If you are still feeling tired, it’s ok to stretch out and take a nap.

Stretching exercises.  Benefits of regular stretching can increase blood flow to your muscles, help joints move more freely, improve circulation, increase flexibility and provide stress relief.  Ask your healthcare team what stretches are best for you.

Unplug from electronics.  Did you know being online all the time can be tiring to both your eyes and body?  With the new work from home routine this year, you might have Zoom meetings, FaceTime chats to check-in with family and then the scrolling on Facebook or Instagram to chat with your friends.

Create a fatigue journal. Log the day and time that you feel the most fatigued including details.  This journal can help you identify your peak energy levels.  Also, share the journal with your healthcare provider so they are aware of your fatigue.

Dance to music.  Escape from your fatigue by listening to your favorite tunes.  Fire up Spotify or turn on your TV and head over to YouTube for some music videos.  Get up and dance to the music when you feel like it too!

Helpful Tips to Manage your Cancer Fatigue

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Lou Ann Donovan, MPN Patient Advocate

Lou Ann Donovan MPN Patient Advocate


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