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Become an MPN Cancer Connection sponsor

Sponsorship Opportunities

MPN Cancer Connection provides educational content and programs for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs) patients all made possible through the support of sponsoring organizations and companies.  Our sponsors play a key role in enabling MPN Cancer Connection to serve the MPN cancer community.  The funds will be used to create the educational content and programming necessary to increase our reach into the community.  All content and programs decisions are made solely by the MPN Cancer Connection staff who are committed to providing timely content.

Sponsors will be recognized on each educational program to bring awareness to the MPN community, including MPN patients, care partners and healthcare team.  Sponsoring organizations and companies can fund any or all of the following list of educational activity:

  • Educational articles, content includes news, clinical trials, healthy living, patient stories and more
  • Newsletter, content includes news, clinical trials, healthy living, patient stories and more
  • Feature your clinical trials
  • Patients Are Asking program, physician expert video series
  • Physician expert video interviews
  • Medical Conferences video interviews

We welcome all sponsors who share in our mission to continue helping myeloproliferative neoplasms patients by expanding the wide range of resources and patient education programs.  We want to empower patients to better understand treatment options and to improve patient care by recognizing MPNs are a blood cancer which offer access to a broader range of resources and patient assistance programs.  Ultimately improving clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Please email us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities at

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