4th Angel providing one-on-one support services for MPN Patients

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September 17, 2020
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October 8, 2020

4th Angel providing one-on-one support services for MPN Patients

4th Angel support for MPN cancer patients

MPN Cancer Connection and PV Reporter are partnering with the Cleveland Clinic 4th Angel Mentoring Program to better serve the needs of our growing community seeking personal support with trained mentors.  We are excited to announce this program as we continue to provide “easy access” to an expanding network of organizations serving the MPN Cancer community.  This follows our recently announced alliance with Imerman Angels.

4th Angel Mentoring Program

Our Story

After recovering from cancer, Scott Hamilton, an Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, identified three angels who helped him through his journey. Scott’s oncologist at Cleveland Clinic was his first angel; his oncology nurse was the second; and his family and friends were his third.

What he thought was missing was a fourth angel: someone who had been there and would understand what he was feeling. His idea to create a program so cancer survivors and patients could talk with their peers about the cancer experience has brought about survivors-to-patient/caregiver mentoring programs.

The 4th Angel Mentoring Program is an innovative, interactive approach to cancer support in which patients and caregivers are matched with trained volunteers. While emphasizing one-on-one contact, matches are primarily made based on similar age and cancer experiences to best empower caregivers and patients with knowledge, awareness, hope and a helping hand.

How does the program work?

Anyone diagnosed or caring for someone with cancer is eligible to be matched with a mentor. When a patient or caregiver requests a mentor, the program staff facilitates a match with respect to diagnosis, gender, and age. The mentor makes the initial contact with the patient to offer one-on-one support over the phone or e-mail.

What is a 4th Angel Mentor?

Not all angels have wings and halos. Some angels are people just like you who have had their world turned upside down by cancer and now want to share their knowledge with someone who is about to go through the same thing.

4th Angels are empathetic cancer survivors with firsthand knowledge. They are positive, supportive and able to give their time and life experience to help put a patient at ease. If this describes you and you would like to become a 4th Angel, we would love to hear from you.

Learn More About Participating

Website: www.4thangel.org
E-Mail: 4thAngel@ccf.org
Phone: 216.445.8734
Toll Free: 866.520.3197

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