What is an MPN Specialist?

Pegasys Jakafi combo for MPNs
Minimal Residual Disease or Cure in MPNs? Rationales and perspectives on Combo Therapy with Interferon-alpha2 and Ruxolitinib
June 29, 2017
Dr Mascarenhas presenting at ASH 2017 on Nutlin
ASH 2017 Nutlin Antagonist Shows Activity in Polycythemia Vera
December 27, 2017

What is an MPN Specialist?

A Few Simple Criteria

If your doc has never been to the ASH (American Society of Hematology) conference, the largest hematology convention in the world and never published a peer reviewed research paper, he/she isn’t likely to be an MPN specialistAlso, if their bio lists 12+ clinical interests, their focus is NOT likely on MPN’s.  4 to 6 clinical interests would be a reasonable amount to maintain a research study focus on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.  Here are some important criteria to consider:
  • Past or present participation in a clinical trial is also a good indicator.
  • They should stay abreast of the latest MPN research (that’s crucial), including Danish and European studies.
  • Your doctor should see 50 (at least) to 500+ patients a year.  If you ask your doc “how many PV, ET or MF patients do you treat?” and they say “3 or 4” you are not seeing an MPN specialist.  That’s code for “I really see 1 or 2 patients.”
  • It took me 6 prior doctors to find a specialist I can trust with my life, so I know the red flags to look for.
  • Here are some questions to ask your doctor before a PV appointment.
    MPN clinical interests

Dr. Michael Grunwald (my doctor) has 7 papers this year.  One thing I find interesting….his conclusion on the REVEAL study (which I participate in) is that even if your blood counts are controlled, you may continue to experience PV related symptoms – FATIGUE is still the worst one for me.

Click here for my interview with Dr. Grunwald on the REVEAL study at ASH 2017.

Are you Looking for an MPN Specialist?

Click here for a “Doctor Reviewed” list of MPN Specialist in the U.S.


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