Our Vision

Our Five Year Vision

MPN Cancer Connection 5 year vision

  • We believe patient advocacy is more than a support mechanism, it is an important part in pushing forward new medicines and ultimately a cure.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is an important source of cancer research, with upwards of half of the $100 billion in cancer research coming from the industry itself.
  • Unlike academic researchers who are driven by science exclusively, like it or not, the pharmaceutical industry is driven by profit.
  • With the cost of creating a new drug estimated to be $5 billion, patient advocacy is critical to demonstrate a market for patients who are badly in need of new medications.  By adding voices to our cause, we are getting the attention of the drug-makers who must be market-driven to uncover new treatments.
  • Over the next five years, we are on a crusade to add new “everyday heroes” to our ranks to increase the volume of our collective voices to grow our influence and empower patients to have a say in their care.
  • Recent sponsorships by pharmaceutical companies who share our vision and other potential sponsors in the future, are critical to achieving this goal.
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